Keeping the faith!

So last night simply crushed the Giants and the Giants fans. Scott Cousins and his “slide” into home to absolutely LEVEL Buster Posey was just the catalyst to a moment of horror and shock. I don’t necessarily think that the play was “dirty”, per se, however, I do believe that Cousins changed his course to a certain extent and led into the hit (if you will) with his head and shoulders. I also believe that Cousins genuinely feels terrible for what he’s done…I really don’t think he’s a bad guy. But I think that regardless if you’re the 25th man on the roster trying to prove you belong, you should absolutely be aware of what you are doing—trying to win the damned game or not!

Now, we Giants faithful have to deal with the fact that Buster has a fractured fibula and torn ligaments in his ankle. Sigh. And I personally feel that the rules DO need to be looked at. I doubt that the MLB will change anything, however, I would be satisfied with the League at least looking at the rules and considering some sort of regulation–whether it be fines or suspensions or whathaveyou. I fully understand that the catcher is vulnerable no matter what, and that a play at the plate is always fantastic to see. But when it leads to a young, talented player getting hurt this severely, I think that something needs to change…eventually.

I think, though, that I am grateful that Buster didn’t suffer a concussion or a blown out knee as well. I am grateful that overall, he is in good health and that he has age on his side. I have full belief that he will recover fully from this injury and that we’ll have him back fully by the 2012 season. I also hold out hope that he may even return to the team by the end of this season as well! There’s definitely going to be a surgery or two on the ankle, but thankfully the fibula fracture is just that–a fracture! Breaks heal. And if we Giants fans know Buster at all, he is going to be working his tail off to come back 100%.

I also think of Buster’s wife, Kristin and the rest of the Posey family. Buster and his wife are having twins later this year, and not only is that stressful, but this injury and ensuing recovery is as well. I wish the best to the Posey family for sure!

BUT! We Giants fans still need to dig deep and root on this team. They are still here and we have to be behind them 100%. They’ll win for us, they’ll win for Buster, and most importantly, they’ll win for themselves!

And on another note, we also need to root Eli Whiteside on. He is a terrific catcher. Period. He’s in there to play well and to be the catcher. He’s not in the game to be Buster. He’s our Whitey…and that’s all we need to ask for. He’s going to do a great job as starting catcher, and we’ve brought up Chris Stewart from AAA-Fresno (yay Grizzlies!) to back him up. Stewart has a big arm…I’ve seen it first hand. The two of them will get the job done, I have no doubt about that.

And finally, if it hasn’t been done already, please go to and sign the “card” for Posey.



So that was ugly!

So THAT was an ugly loss in Colorado for the Giants. Timmy just wasn’t on his game today. I personally don’t think that extra day off helped him any. Not that they could have prevented the weather in Chicago at all, but still. He probably got a bit psyched to pitch on Sunday, and couldn’t due to the rain!

The boys were kind of their own worst enemy today, with the error by Timmy, the rough plays for DeRosa at third, and that every time we got a run, the Rockies would get two. Andres Torres did hit an HR, and Nate (the Great!) Schierholtz hit another HR into the stands. I really think Nate is beginning to have some serious ownage on Coors Field and the Rockies pitching staff. Heh.

Miggy had a couple of great hits, and he made a fabulous defensive play in the bottom of the second inning. I hope he starts to heat up. I personally think he’s a great asset to the clubhouse and to the team. He’s a hard worker and comes to play every day, regardless of a slump or not. I appreciate that.

It was just overall a rough game for us today. It’ll be a better game tomorrow, as long as good Sanchez comes to the ballpark and settles in at a decent rate. I’d like to see the Giants go out of Colorado with a win to take to Los Angeles to take on the Dodgers.

So keeping my fingers crossed for a better game tomorrow.

Never count us out!

Boy, these games sure can be awesome once in awhile! Despite the game being on the lousy that is NBC Bay Area channel instead of CSN Bay Area. I cannot stand Raj Mathai. He used to work here in Fresno, and he was terrible then too. Too insipid for me. Gah. 

To start off: Aaron Rowand–I couldn’t have much more love if I tried. He goes out every day, working his tail off, and leads off the game with a freakin’ double. He is absolutely one of my favorite players, and I am terribly proud of his season so far. Gamer, I tell you.

And home runs! The Panda AND Fontenot. So awesome. Mike hit that sucker hard and if it had been mere feet longer, it just might have splashed right into the Cove.
Ted Lilly…he paid for hitting Posey twice. I think that he definitely aimed for Buster, and I think that both teams should have been warned after the first HBP.Obviously moreso on the LA side, but a warning to both would have been fair as well. Buster took the hits like a man and took advantage and stole second. Only way it could have been better was if he had launched one into the bleachers or something, then took a slow trot around the bases—really stick it to Lilly.
But we did just fine. The bullpen came out and did their job, and Wilson closed it out like usual. Jonathan settled in pretty decent today. His only real mistake was giving up the Barajas HR to tie the game at 2. But he went out and kept the emotions in check. If he can maintain that, he’s going to have a good season. 
Really hoping that Mark DeRosa’s wrist pain isn’t anything serious. I like him a lot and know what he’s had to deal with the past couple of years. I would love to have him back to 100% after missing most of 2010 with the surgery and all. Keeping my fingers crossed.
Off day tomorrow, then off to AZ to play the Snakes for a bit. This road trip is going to be brutal…16 games on the road, if I am not mistaken. Ugh. Let’s go, boys! Dust off the suitcases!
Go Giants!